Chic Toppers

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Chic Toppers come in four savory flavors and two sweet flavors..
Chic Toppers are a nutritious way to add protein & fiber to soups, salads, chili, deserts, yogurt & cereals. The chickpeas have been dry roasted at a low heat  in the oven in order to maintain nutritional levels before being lightly coated with cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a special blend of herbs or spices.
Chic Toppers will add some bulk to your meal, which will keep you feeling full longer and also leave you completely satisfied. They have a pleasant crunchy texture and are an incredibly tasty addition to any meal.
If you eat a plant-based diet and would like a little additional crunchiness with your soup, salad or chili, Chic Toppers are the way to go.
Choco Toppers are a decadent smooth dark chocolate with chickpea pieces. Maple Cinnamon Toppers are chickpeas with real Organic Maple Syrup & Cinnamon coating. These uniquely delicious sweet toppers make a wonderful addition to your yogurt, deserts, ice cream and cereal.

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10oz bag  $5.95 10oz bag  $5.95

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