THE QUESTION IS.....what is a Chickpea?

Chickpeas are a legume - also known as Garbanzo Beans Chickpeas are one of the worlds earliest cultivated legumes, with the oldest chickpeas being found in the Middle East over 7,500 years ago. They are a major dietary staple for millions of people around the world.

Chickpeas are self pollinating and are propagated from seeds. They can be grown in poor soils without using nitrogen fertilizers, because the plant has the ability to draw nitrogen out of the atmosphere, which makes chickpeas especially nutritious for humans, while also helping to replenish the soil in areas that have been overworked and depleted.

Chickpeas are the MOST versatile Superfood

Hummus, which is the Arabic word for chickpea, is a popular way to eat Chickpeas. They can also be used in place of croutons in Soups & Salads or Baked for Snacks.

They can be used to  make tasty high protein Chickpea Burgers or Falafel (fried chickpea balls), or grind them to make Gluten Free flour for Cookies & Cakes, etc.

Chickpeas are a nutrient dense food, providing 29% of our Daily Value of Protein and 12.5% of fiber, along with many other essential nutrients.

During the First World War chickpeas were grown, roasted and ground, so they could be used as a substitute for coffee in Europe when coffee prices rose at that time.

Chickpeas are considered to be drought resistant because they do not need very much water during their growing process due their vast root system. These amazing little peas are incredibly healthy power houses of nutrition that can sustain us, as well as the land we live on....and they taste really, really good.


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