NOTE: Prospective Employers & HR Departments.
Please read the paragraph listed under "Managers & Job Titles", along with the information about Chic Naturals. It will answer most of your questions with regard to your job applicants who have worked for us or helped out in our business. No employee reference will be endorsed by Chic Naturals unless it is obtained by first calling the office phone number, which is 808-463-7878.

Managers & Job Titles....  

Chic Naturals does not employ Managers or use Job Titles for anyone at our facility because our business is operated by mutual respect, cooperation & teamwork.


Those who currently work at Chic Naturals (or those who have worked here in the past) work as a team with each person carrying out multiple tasks which include, working the ovens & roasting, packaging, doing the mail, assembling the orders, cleaning the equipment and so on. The owners take care of the office & clerical work, marketing & printed materials, design & artwork, etc. Being a small business means we have no need, at this stage, to employ people to carry out or develop plans to organize our workers or to justify spending valuable time creating plans and/or strategies in order to study the efficiency and/or productivity within Chic Naturals because our equipment is virtually automatic; therefore only a few workers are needed on each shift.

What we do....  

We Dry Roast (oven bake) Chickpeas, which we use to make delicious flavored allergen free snacks and various other products, including chocolates & cookies.

Why we started Chic Naturals, when it started, how it started....  

Dry roasting chickpeas and making snacks with them grew out of a need to eat a more nutritious life sustaining diet. Roasting these little powerhouses of protein and coating them with delectable savory or sweet flavors seemed like a really healthy way to enjoy grazing on snacks all day long, while feeling good about what we were eating.


The idea to start a chickpea business that would enable us to offer these wonderful healthy delicious snacks to others came in 2010 and that was when Chic Naturals was born. We knew our snacks must remain real food and not contain any preservatives, additives, allergens or gluten & above all, must be nut free so children could also enjoy them. This meant they would need to be manufactured in a dedicated allergen free, gluten free & nut free kitchen...that decision would become the biggest hurdle to starting our business, but it was solved relatively easily when we set up our own dedicated facility.


The Future....


We are now working on creating a facility on the mainland so we can satisfy the demand for Chic Naturals snacks & products across the U.S. and also fulfill export orders to Japan & Canada.



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