Why We Created This Delicious Snack

Chic Naturals Dry Roasted Chickpea Snacks & Products were created as a result of a family health issue that required a total change in diet and the need to find a wholesome healthy great tasting snack that would not only be enjoyable, but would also allow us to feel satisfied after we have eaten. Chickpeas are the perfect snack because they are healthy, full of energy sustaining nutrients, plus they taste great and they give endurance to get us through the day.
Chic Naturals Chickpea snacks are always Dry roasted (oven baked) with absolutely nothing added. They are roasted to a perfect crunchy texture at a low temperature so all the important nutrients are maintained.
Chic Naturals plain Dry Roasted Chickpeas & Chickpea Seasoned Coatings are also available and can be used in your own recipes and dishes.
Chic Naturals savory snacks are coated with our own specialty blends of spices & herbs, which are all created in-house at our own Gluten Free Nut Free facility to ensure freshness and great taste. We also offer a selection of delicious sweet & chocolate chickpea snacks for folks with a sweet tooth.
Chic Naturals have a wonderful crunch and are a healthy nutritious alternative to chips & nuts. They are full of goodness and are a great natural source of many nutrients that our bodies need.
About Our Manufacturing Process & Our Facility:
•  We only use American grown chickpeas from known growers.
•  Our chickpeas are Non-GMO.
•  Our products are only manufactured in the U.S.
•  Our kitchen is Dedicated Gluten Free, Nut Free, Peanut & Tree Nut Free, Wheat Free, MSG Free, Corn Free,  Sesame Free, Casein Free, Dairy Free & Soy Free.  (
**the exception is our chocolate - please read below)

**The Chocolate  The dark chocolate we use is manufactured in California, in a Gluten Free & Peanut Free facility that is also Kosher. However, this chocolate does contain small amounts of lecithin and butter; therefore all our chocolate products are made in a separate area of our building and in a totally separate room in order the keep our main facility allergen free, as well as soy and dairy free. This removes the possibility of any cross contamination.

Our Principles for Healthy Snacking:
•  We never use processed or enriched ingredients, or artificial colors & flavorings of any kind in our products.
•  We believe eating more lentils and beans, which are high in protein & fiber, could minimize our use of grain-fed meats.
Our Mission

To cultivate a high standard of food production, along with allergen free manufacturing policies in order to  provide "grab-n-go" healthy & affordable snacks and products that are free of the top allergens.

To find and preserve new and sustainable ways of taking care of our land by growing a crop that replenishes the soil in an environmentally-friendly manner with a nutritionally-dense food, while also maintaining good business practices & principles.

To assist & facilitate the growing of some of the very best quality and nutritionally-dense foods in the world.

Chic Naturals is working to make each day healthier, better and a more delicious experience with yummy snacks & products.


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